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The singer, songwriter and producer Cosmo Klein has been driving through the music scene in his COSMOBILE for 18 years now.
Breaking from the depths of his parental rehearsal room, where he preferred to play drums, bass & guitar, rather than go to school
his path led him to many musical stations.

At just 22, he wrote the World Cup hit „This is my time“ for Sasha and had a short rendezvous with the pop business.
2 albums (This is my Time / EAST WEST, Human / WEA), a radio hit (All I ever need / WEA) and a joint hit with his current partner later (Maya Saban & Cosmo Klein, All this does not change) / VIRGIN) he grabbed his things and moved on.
He founded his label Cosmopolytix, released Housetrax worldwide and co-founded his band THE PHUNKGUERILLA in the Jazz & Soul market.
In 2011 he landed an international No 1 hit (Beautiful Lie, Kontor Music), traveled the world to perform at festivals and clubs as one of the world´s most wanted Liveacts in the housescene, and released 2 albums with his Funk & Soul Elite troupe
THE PHUNKGUERILLA (Let’s Work & Kingdom on Fire / Cosmopolytix), which he produces together with the exception of bassist and musical director Claus Fischer.

Even though he still cowrites for upcoming Popstars like Nico Santos or delivers music for TV & Cinema (Tatort 2017, Mein Blinddate mit dem Leben 2017), Cosmo´s main focus and passion is the stage.


With Cosmo Klein & The Campers, the berlin based artist reduces his band to the maximum of three people, including himself on drums and vocals. First of all Cosmo wanted to create a band that fits into his mobile home. Secondly the sound vision was to make it sound soulful, funky and huge. The third priority was to create a spectacular live show.

THE CAMPERS record all their releases in the Cosmobile, which is not only a tourbus, but Cosmo´s legendary mobile studio.
Guest appearances of international musicians like Brian Frasier Moore (Drums: Justin Timberlake, Madonna, Janet Jackson)
Hanno Busch (Guitar: Stefanie Heinzmann, Tom Gaebel, Heavy Tones), Cory Wong(Guitar: Vulfpeck) or Rhani Krija (Sting, Prince) live and on record, spice up the funk driven Trio.
The live taped Musikvideos called MOBILE HOME SESSIONS, reach out to thousands of people around the world, letting the fanbase of Cosmo´s new main project grow rapidly.
The live show of the THE CAMPERS not only profits from Cosmo´s outstanding qualities as a frontman, but the fact that he plays the drums at the same time, giving the show a dynamic and energetic range, that is hard to find.
Next to the fact that the musical standard is at its highest, the special guests, the light show and the visual concept shift THE CAMPERS show onto an international level of entertainment.

Throughout 2018/19 several singles will be released by the mobile trio and will be followed by the Album ROADTRIP EUROPE at the End of 2019, beginning 2020.

Released Singles: All I ever need 2018, The Dock of the Bay (feat. Hanno Busch)

Upcoming Singles: Legendary Nights, Like Mama said (feat. Cory Wong @ Mobile Home Session), In your smile (feat. Florian Menzel)